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Scribe Program

Scribe Program

The providers at Emergency Medicine of Idaho (EMI) are committed to both the relationship with their patients and the environment in which the patients are seen. The scribe program, in conjunction with On Demand, has emerged out of this commitment. From the establishment of the program in July of 2001, this program has focused on improving the efficiency of our providers and creating accurate, legible documentation of the patient’s visit in the Emergency Department. This innovative program allows the provider to focus on what is most important, the patient.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a scribe help the patients who visit the Emergency Department?

A scribe teams up with a Physician, Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant focusing on documentation of the patient encounter, tracking and recording appropriate diagnostic tests, following-up on orders, and serving as an advocate to the patients’ progress during their visit. The provider and scribe team allows the provider more time to spend with his/her patients while patient flow in the department is expedited, the duration of the individual patient’s visit is decreased and the patient’s visit is enhanced.

What is a scribe?

Scribes are responsible, self-motivated, observant, and prideful. They are able to multi-task and exude self-confidence conducive to working successfully in a high-stress environment. The scribes are continuously working to maintain and increase their skills and are encouraged to participate in the development of the scribe program. Each scribe embraces EMI and our strategic partners’ mission in treating patients in a confidential and respectful manner.

How can I become a scribe?

The scribe program is a unique opportunity to gain intimate and first-hand experience within the medical field. It is an exceptional opportunity as a career as well as a tool used for career advancement. If you are interested in the opportunities that this program offers, please contact On Demand Medical Staffing, at mshr@ondemandidaho.com.

How can I bring a Scribe Program to my medical group?

As the legal and financial pressures increase upon medical practice and the need for better patient care increases, EMI feels that the scribe program can help a provider work smarter. Whether you are in the Emergency Department or in your own practice, adding scribes will improve efficiency and job satisfaction. EMI consultation is available for incorporating a scribe program into your group. For further information, please call (208) 384-9022.

Participating in the scribe program was one of the most positive experiences I had while completing my undergraduate pre-medical studies. As a scribe I had the unique opportunity to assist world-class emergency physicians with their jobs while learning a great deal about medicine at the same time. As a current medical student I can confidently say that there are few jobs that could have prepared me for a career in medicine like working as a scribe. My time as a scribe solidified my decision to pursue medicine as a career and has enhanced my medical education to this point. I attribute a great deal of my success to the invaluable experiences I gained working as a member of the scribe team.

Brian Byrne, MDSubmitted as 2nd Year Medical Student

I have nothing but positive feelings toward the scribe program. I find that the scribes are helpful not only with documentation but also with patient flow. I find that the scribes keep patients updated particularly well when I am otherwise occupied. I also think the scribe program is helpful for the scribes. I wish I had been able to gain a similar experience when I was an undergraduate.

Kenny Bramwell, M.D., F.A.A.E.M.Emergency Medicine, Pediatric Emergency Medicine