In 1996, St. Luke’s Medical Center of Boise was invited to oversee the construction and future operations of a new hospital in the Wood River Valley.  Three years later, thanks to the cooperative effort of St Luke’s, the generosity of the community,  and the registered voters, a new $32 million, 110,000 square foot hospital was constructed.  A modern, well-equipped Emergency Department provides essential emergency care to the Wood River Valley, surrounding communities and remote rural areas.  

The Emergency Department consists of 10 beds, two of which are high tech cardiac/trauma rooms.  In addition to these two vital rooms, there is a decontamination room, a specialized  room for the eye, ear, nose and throat procedures, and an OB/GYN  room.  The ED also recently added an outpatient infusion room, which allows patients to receive some types of chemotherapy, daily antibiotics or central line care without having to stay overnight in another town, thereby saving patients valuable time and money. 

St. Luke’s Wood River presently has all Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician Specialists, who are specially trained in emergency medicine, to staff the Emergency Department 24 hours a day.  This level of expertise is rare for a hospital of our size because smaller hospitals do not generate the high patient volumes necessary to fairly compensate these highly trained physicians. St. Luke’s Wood River is the only hospital of its size in Idaho able to provide this level of service.

Our physicians work together with a highly qualified team to serve approximately 8700 patients a year.  For the severely ill or major trauma patients, the Wood River staff stabilizes the patient and transports them by helicopter transport to major medical and trauma centers in Boise. 

To sustain our community’s state-of-the-art emergency service network in perpetuity, the St. Luke’s Wood River Foundation is focusing a major portion of its fundraising efforts on building an Emergency Services Endowment. 

The St. Luke’s Wood River Emergency Department is continuing the St. Luke’s tradition of providing quality and compassionate care to all of those who enter the facility.  The Emergency Department leads the way as the St. Luke’s Wood River Hospital strives to become the finest community hospital in America.