Specialists in Emergency Medicine treat patients of all ages with health problems covering the breadth of medicine. Unique to the specialty of Emergency Medicine is the ability of the providers to identify and treat patients with life-threatening needs. An emergency physician diagnoses and stabilizes critically ill patients, often in stressful situations with limited information available.

Emergency physicians are trained to efficiently evaluate multiple patients simultaneously and to reach a working diagnosis in a short timeframe. These emergent tasks are performed while concurrently caring for patients seeking minor episodic care and offering them the same level of service in a timely manner.

Emergency department services are offered to the entire community twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, with no appointments necessary and regardless of one's financial means.

Committed to serve the community and the health care of its citizens, in addition to providing episodic and emergent services within the Emergency Departments, EMI offers an array of innovative services and expertise including:

  • A Board-certified Emergency Medicine Specialist with a special emphasis in "heart health" that, along with the Cardiology community, offers medical supervision for two specialized areas within the emergency department designed to meet the needs of our "heart" patients

  • A Board-certified Emergency Medicine Specialist to provide medical control for the Air Transport Systems and numerous local EMS/Paramedic agencies

  • A Board-certified Pediatric Emergency Medicine Specialist to assure excellent care for our young patients

  • Medical review and management for patients requiring ongoing follow-up services for chronic conditions.

In addition, EMI members reflect their commitment to the community in which they live through individual and team volunteer services for community endeavors.